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Brother SAVRXPUGK2 Luminaire XP1 Upgrade Kit (Premium Pack II)

Brother SAVRXPUGK2 Luminaire XP1 Upgrade Kit (Premium Pack II)

Its time to upgrade your Luminaire Innov-is Edition! The
XP Upgrade Kit is packed with new features to take your
sewing game to a whole new level.
Brother Part Number: SAVRXPUGK2
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Genuine Brother Accessory. There are new quilting sash patterns, including 2-color quilting sash, triple stitching
options for quilting sash patterns and so much more! Includes: New shape for the auto split of sash features (Hexagon),
2-color quilting sash, Triple stitches option for quilting sash patterns, new designs for single decorative fill on MDC,
shorter length embroidery BH patterns, additional 50 embroidery patterns, switching the order of pattern for
embroidery, easy decorative fill stippling in embroidery mode, enhancement in random shift, option for background
image and for extracting the outline and comes with four sheets of end point stickers.
Brother Luminaire XP1 Upgrade Kit (Premium Pack II) | Brother Part Number : SAVRXPUGK2

This accessory works with the following models:

  • The Luminaire Innov-ís XP1

Please note that not all models may be listed. If you do not see your model listed, please contact the store by phone to ensure
that this foot will fit your machine properly.