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Virtual Check-in for Machine Service

Welcome to Sewing & Vacuum Warehouse’s virtual check-in for machine service! Please fill out the form below to schedule your machine’s drop off for service!

Please read the following before scheduling your machine drop off:

  • Refunds on deposits will NOT be permitted.
  • Virtual Check-in is for STANDARD MAINTENANCE on machines only.
  • Standard maintenance on machines includes: cleaning, oiling, adjusting timing, adjusting tensions and stitching out.
  • Machines that do not meet the criteria of standard maintenance MUST be brought into store for visual inspection/check in.
  • Machines that need non in-stock parts will NOT be held to a 1 week turn around.
  • Booked time is NOT a one day turn around.
  • Booked time will be your drop off time and date.
  • You are required to provide the make, model, serial number, and provide a description of any issues for your machine.
  • Machines that are checked in under the wrong service will have their service pricing adjusted accordingly.
  • Please plan and allow for 10-15 minutes in store to fill out work order.
  • Drop off must be booked 1 week in advance.
  • Deposits taken will go towards service.
  • Turn around time is one week after the machine is dropped off in the store.
  • Holiday hours may effect turnaround times.
  • You MUST bring a printed or digital copy of your receipt with you when you drop off.