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Teak - K8605

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From: $12.99

Floriani LGPF0561 Old Ivory

Floriani LGPF0561 Old Ivory R:255 G:183 B:62 PMS 117C 5000m
From: $12.99

Floriani LGPF0562 Walnut Taffy

Floriani LGPF0562 Walnut Taffy R:235 G:145 B:44 PMS 125C 5000m
From: $4.99

Floriani LGPF0563 Old Gold

Floriani LGPF0563 Old Gold R:192 G:98 B:24 PMS 1245C 5000m
From: $12.99

Floriani LGPF0622 Geisha

Floriani LGPF0622 Geisha R:197 G:192 B:227 PMS 2705C 5000m
From: $12.99

Floriani LGPF0626 Deep Iris

Floriani LGPF0626 Deep Iris R:117 G:55 B:116 PMS 268C 5000m
From: $12.99

Floriani LGPF0661 Light Violet

Floriani LGPF0661 Light Violet R:154 G:127 B:185 PMS 2655C 5000m
From: $12.99

Floriani LGPF0663 Violet

Floriani LGPF0663 Violet R:125 G:80 B:155 PMS 2685C 5000m  
From: $12.99

Floriani LGPF0665 Deep Violet

Floriani LGPF0665 Deep Violet R:80 G:26 B:117 PMS 273C 5000m
From: $12.99

Floriani LGPF0672 Amethyst

Floriani LGPF0672 Amethyst R:206 G:186 B:216 PMS 2567C 5000m
From: $12.99

Floriani LGPF0673 Lavender

Floriani LGPF0673 Lavender R:147 G:78 B:144 PMS 2577C 5000m
From: $12.99

Floriani LGPF0675 Luxury

Floriani LGPF0675 Luxury R:119 G:34 B:113 PMS 526C 5000m
From: $12.99

Floriani LGPF0695 Purple Passion

Floriani LGPF0695 Purple Passion R:95 G:35 B:115 PMS 2685C 5000m
From: $12.99

Floriani LGPF0696 Regal Purple

Floriani LGPF0696 Regal Purple R:76 G:22 B:84 PMS 2685 5000m
From: $12.99

Floriani LGPF0700 Mars Red

Floriani LGPF0700 Mars Red R:228 G:28 B:23 PMS 485C 5000m
From: $12.99

Floriani LGPF0702 Fire Engine Red

Floriani LGPF0702 Fire Engine Red R:226 G:25 B:22 PMS 186C 5000m
From: $12.99

Floriani LGPF0703 Ruby Red

Floriani LGPF0703 Ruby Red R:230 G:36 B:35 PMS 485C 5000m
From: $12.99

Floriani LGPF0720 Turtledove

Floriani LGPF0720 Turtledove R:236 G:229 B:213 PMS 7527C 5000m
From: $12.99

Floriani LGPF0721 Golden Sand

Floriani LGPF0721 Golden Sand R:232 G:215 B:144 PMS 460C 5000m
From: $12.99

Floriani LGPF0723 Birch

Floriani LGPF0723 Birch R:208 G:172 B:102 PMS 1255C 5000m
From: $12.99

Floriani LGPF0730 Off White

Floriani LGPF0730 Off White R:253 G:252 B:252 PMS 9101C 5000m
From: $19.95

ByAnnie’s Stiletto and Pressing Tool

ByAnnie's Stiletto and Pressing Tool is the perfect combination of two very useful sewing tools essential for your applique projects Part Number: SUP207 Our huge selection at low warehouse prices! Don’t buy until you get the Warehouse price!
From: $12.99

Floriani LGPF0731 Sandstone

Floriani LGPF0731 Sandstone R:245 G:246 B:228 PMS 4545C 5000m
From: $12.99

Floriani LGPF0733 Sudan

Floriani LGPF0733 Sudan R:243 G:232 B:184 PMS 607C 5000m
From: $12.99

Floriani LGPF0734 Oak Buff

Floriani LGPF0734 Oak Buff R:240 G:215 B:152 PMS 7402C 5000m