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Janome CoverPro 2000CPX

SKU: 9389

Janome CoverPro 2000CPX

The Janome CoverPro 2000CPX 1/2/3 needle, lay-in thread tension, chain and triple stitch, Seam Tightening System, Tension Leveling Control.

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A coverstitch machine is essential for the sewist looking to achieve a professional finish. The Janome CoverPro 2000CPX’s innovative design is based on the marriage of an industrial-style cover hem machine and a convenient home machine. The resulting union has produced a high-speed, long arm, heavy-duty cover hem machine that looks and operates like a sewing machine. With a wide trip cover hem stitch, exclusive free arm configuration, Tension Level Control (TLC) and Janome’s Seam Tightening System™ (STS), the 2000CPX is the most advanced Cover Hem machine available.



Tension Leveling Control (TLC) & Seam Tightening System (STS)

The Janome CoverPro 1000CPX’s exclusive Seam Tightening System (STS) reduces slack in the looper thread, giving you tight, flat, and sturdy stitches on any type of fabric.



Color Coded Thread Chart

No sure how to thread your CoverPro? No problem! Threading the Janome CoverPro 2000CPX has never been easier by simpy following the color-coded thread guides and following the color coded thread chart!



Adjustable Differential Feed & Stitch Length

The Janome CoverPro 2000CPX features adjustable differential feed and adjustable stitch length. The differential feed dial can be found on the right side of the machine for easy access and the diagram makes it straightforward eliminating any guesswork! The stitch length dial is conveniently located next to the differential feed dial and stitches can be adjusted from 1mm to 4mm, it too has an easy to follow diagram printed right next to it.



Product Features:

  • 1, 2, or 3 needle
  • 1 Needle, 2 thread chain stitch
  • 2 Needle, 3 thread cover stitch
  • 3 Needle, 4 thread triple stitch
  • Seam Tightening System (STS)
  • Lay-in thread tension
  • Threading chart
  • Adjustable differential feed
  • Adjustable foot pressure
  • Adjustable stitch length
  • Free arm
  • 4 Thread cones included

  • Tension Level Control (TLC)
  • Vertical needle drop
  • Tension release lever
  • Extra large bed
  • Color coded threading
  • Threading chart
  • Snap-on presser feet
  • 2 Needles – 6mm stitch width (standard)
  • 2 Needles – 3mm stitch width (narrow)
  • 3 Needles – 6mm stitch width (3mm+3mm)
  • 4mm Maximum stitch length
  • 1,000 SPM Maximum stitch speed

Included Accessories:

    essory box

  • Screwdriver – large
  • Screwdriver – small
  • Tweezers
  • Needles
  • Thread nets
  • Needle threader

  • Spool caps
  • Lint brush
  • Attachment screws
  • Power cord
  • Foot pedal
  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty card


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