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HQ Pinpoint Laser Accessory

SKU: 382383

HQ Pinpoint Laser Accessory

Price: $149.95

Adjustable pinpoint laser light for precise alignment with the machine needle. Allowing for accurate needle placement from start to finish.

HQ Part Number: HG01005

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The Needle Laser Accessory provides a guide for accurate needle placement at the start or end of a quilting design. The laser light is adjustable for precise alignment with the machine needle. Compatible with most longarm machines with USB ports at the front of the machine. If no port is available at the front of the machine, this accessory can also be installed on other longarm or domestic machines with the addition of a USB 2.0 wall charger and USB 2.0 Type-A male to female extender cable (not included).


HQ Pinpoint Laser Accessory | HQ Part Number : HG01005

This accessory works with the following frame models:

  • All Handi Quilter longarms


Please note: Machines must have a USB port at the front of the machine.