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HQ Handi Hammock

SKU: 12628

HQ Handi Hammock

Price: $49.95

Conveniently store and protect quilt batting while quilting on your Handi Quilter frame!

HQ Part Number: HG12000

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Conveniently store and protect quilt batting while quilting. Hardware included to permanently install your hammock on your Handi Quilter longarm frame. Compatible with 10-foot and 12-foot HQ Studio, HQ Studio2, HQ Gallery and HQ Gallery2 quilting frames.

HQ Handi Hammock | HQ Part Number : HG12000

This accessory works with the following frame models:

  • HQ Gallery, HQ Gallery2, HQ Studio, HQ Studio2


Please note: Not for use with HQ Little Foot or HQ Loft Frames.