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HQ Side Clamps with Bungee Cord (Set of two)

SKU: 12146

HQ Side Clamps with Bungee Cord (Set of two)

Price: $15.95

User friendly side clamps that provide necessary tension to the quilt while be quilted designed to be used with the larger Handi Quilter frames.

HQ Part Number: QF00035

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Easy-to-use set of two side clamps attached to a 6-foot bungee cord. Compatible with HQ Studio/Studio2 Frame, HQ Gallery/Gallery2 Frame, or HQ Fusion Frame, which have an opening in the sidearms designed to hold the cord. Clamps provide needed tension to the quilt. We recommend using at least two clamps, one on each side of the quilt for extra support.

Can be also be used on frames with HQ Bungee Grabbers – see HQ Bungee Grabbers.

HQ Easy-Grasp Quilt Clamps (Small) | HQ Part Number : QF00036

This accessory works with the following frame models:

  • HQ Studio, HQ Studio2, HQ Gallery, HQ Gallery2, HQ Fusion Frame


Please Note: These slide clamps are only compatible with larger HQ frames and can be used along side the HQ Bungee Grabers.