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Embroidery Pro Cutaway Light – 15″ x 25 Yards

SKU: 13597

Embroidery Pro Cutaway Light – 15″ x 25 Yards

Price: $29.99

Designed not to stretch as aid in eliminating stitch sagging or pulling. Provides permanent stabilization on lightweight woven or knit fabrics.

Embroidery Pro Part Number: 824-25

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Correct stabilization is the foundation for Professional looking Embroidery! Embroidery Pro offers only the highest quality backings and stabilizers available– all of our products are developed exclusively for embroiderers and quilters. We never use leftover products designed for other uses. The key to great embroidery is equal tension on the fabric in all directions when the fabric is in the embroidery hoop. Ideally, a taut, tambourine feel should be achieved. When this is accomplished, each move of the embroidery machine will provide equal movement of the fabric. Most of our backings are made from non-directional materials providing equal tension on all directions.

Different fabrics require different support / stabilization. The more stretch in the fabric the more it needs stabilizer. That said, thicker doesn’t always mean better and multiple layers may not deliver desired results. Always try to use the proper product for the fabric. We add silicone to our stabilizers to help keep the needle lubricated during embroidery to minimize thread breaks and reduce looping.

Embroidery Pro Cutaway Light – 15″ x 25 yards provides permanent stabilization on lightweight woven and knit fabrics. Cutaway is designed not to stretch- this feature virtually eliminates stitch sagging or pulling. Cutaway is permanent, may be washed, and will provide stabilization for the life of the project it is used on.

Product Features:

  • Weight – Light
  • Ounces – 2.0
  • Roll size – 15″ x 25 yards
  • Made in the USA

Recommended For:

  • Lightweight fabrics
  • Heavy embroidery
  • Open weave fabrics
  • Sweater knits
  • T-shirt knit
  • Synthetic fabrics
  • Lycra
  • Organza

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