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Brother PRVMFLKIT Flash Frame L Clamp Magnetic Kit 5″x7″

SKU: 777766

Brother PRVMFLKIT Flash Frame L Clamp Magnetic Kit 5″x7″

Price: $499.99

Now you can hoop in a jiffy with four magnets that quickly fit snug into place and rehoop without removing from the machine!  These frames also allow for so much more versatility for larger garments or items, with plenty of room towards the back of the hoop.

Brother Part Number: PRVMFLKIT

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Genuine Brother Accessory. Introducing the Brother PRVMFLKIT Flash Frame L Clamp Magnetic Kit. This magnetic system includes a 5″ x 7″ frame, 4 magnets and a driver and helps you hoop in a jiffy thanks to four magnets that quickly fit snuggly into place. Being able to hoop projects while the hoop is attached to the machine means there s no need to remove the hoop from the driver/hoop holder when you want to insert your next project. Smooth hooping magnets allow for easy fabric placement and adjustment without using excessive force. Simply put two magnets on and slide on the other magnets to smooth out your fabric! Durable magnets are strong enough to hold thick items in place like a lush towel yet avoid hoop burn. And because the magnets only fit where they re supposed to go, there s no chance of misplacing your them when hooping!

Brother PRVMFLKIT Flash Frame L Clamp Magnetic Kit 5″x7″ | Brother Part Number : PRVMFLKIT

This accessory works with the following models:

  • PR1055X, PR1050X, PR1000E, PR680W, PR670E, and PR655.


Please note that your machine may require a system update in order to use this item. Please visit: to locate machine updates.

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