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Quilts Inspired by the Yellowstone Series – Beth & Rip’s Quilt – Conroe
Thursday, May 12, 2022 10:00AM – 2:00PM
Instructor: Carol Ann Maurer
Price – $65 Per Person

This quilt was inspired by the Yellowstone Series ! It is worn by Beth Dutton, sitting on the steps outside of Rip’s house. It can be made full size 76”X 89”(right pic.) or half size 50” X 57.5” (left pic.). There is a brief lecture about the quilts featured in Yellowstone as well as construction tricks and tips for the “Beth and Rip’s” quilt. This is a scrappy quilt so the plan should include lots of red fabrics and black solids and prints. Suggestions for the background, binding and backing will be discussed in class This class is focused on technique, with minimal sewing time.

What To Bring:
Basic Sewing Supplies (pins/ thread/ scissors/ sewing machine). Cutting supplies (mat, rotary cutter, ruler). Red and red print yardage and black and black print (that reads black) yardage. You can bring just enough fabric to make a sample block -1/4 yard of each red, and black or bring in more yardage to trade. (or bring in the colors of your choosing). The exact yardage depends on the size quilt you are making. Complete yardage will be discussed in class. Suggestions for background, backing and binding will also be discussed.

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