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Beginning Quilting – Module 3: Piecing, Sashing, & Borders – Houston
Monday, April 18, 2022 10:00AM – 2:00PM
Instructor: Carol Ann Maurer
Price – $45 Per Person

*Special Pricing – $185 – Buy the bundle of 5 classes and get the last module #6 for free!*
(Module 6 an open “non structured” class for starting your first quilt or finishing a quilt)

The modules taught in class are based on Carol Ann’s latest book “The Art of Quilting” from Amazon! There is a Kindle version and now a soft- back copy available!

What To Bring:
Personal hand sanitizer, face mask, binder, Sewing Machine + BSS, if you have a 1/4” foot bring it, and 1/2 yard of white or light fabric, 1/2 yard of medium and 1/2 yard of black or dark fabric for practice. (Sewing)

Sewing Machine with it’s feet, a 1/4” foot, pedal, power source & manual, sharp scissors, pins, needles, thread, bobbins, regular and quilting acrylic rulers, rotary cutter & mat, tape measure, safety pins, scrap fabric, etc. (optional: travel iron and small ironing pad, water, sack lunch). Eye glasses if you need them.

Warning: Never leave your mats or rulers in a hot cart! They will will warp!

For more information please email Carol Ann at: