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Beginning Quilting – MOD 6: Starting or Finishing a Quilt – Houston
Monday, October 19,  2020 10:00AM – 5:30PM
Instructor: Carol Ann Maurer
$45 Per Module or $175 For All 6 Parts – Check or Cash Only


The modules taught in class are based on Carol Ann’s latest book “The Art of Quilting” from Amazon! There is a Kindle version and now a soft- back copy available!

Special Pricing for Mods: $145 for all 6
Buy the bundle of 5 classes and get the last module #6 for free! (Module 6 an open “non structured” class for starting your first quilt or finishing a quilt)

For more information please email Carol Ann at:

What To Bring:

Bring in all  supplies Sewing Machine & BSS to start or finish a quilt. Bring your binder. If you need help with set up, bring a picture of your  sewing space. Spread out your project and tools at home. What do you need to start or finish your quilt? Bring them to class. Make notes for questions to ask. If you need help with fabric choices bring in your fabrics, so we can shop together. In this module you will either get started in making something or get closer to finishing something. Are you stuck in a project half done called a PhD? Bring it in!  This is a free class for those who have signed up for all 5 modules, or a stand alone class for those who want to join us. This class is limited to 12; allowing space for everyone to feel comfortable. (Sewing)


BSS: Check Modules to see if there is sewing required! Sewing Machine with it’s feet, a 1/4” foot, pedal, power source & manual, sharp scissors, pins, needles, thread, bobbins, regular and quilting acrylic rulers, rotary cutter & mat, tape measure, safety pins, scrap fabric, etc. (optional: travel iron and small ironing pad, water, sack lunch). Eye glasses if you need them. WARNING! NEVER LEAVE YOUR ROTARY MATS OR RULERS IN A HOT CAR! THEY WILL WARP!


Call 281-469-5377 Ext 1 to register today!