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Floriani Appli-Kay Wonder Tape – 1/2″ x 9 yds

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Floriani Appli-Kay Wonder Tape – 1/2″ x 9 yds

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Turn your embroidery designs into applique or patches with Floriani’s AppliKay Wonder Tape! This fusible webbing has a pressure sensitive side for easy positioning. Use to create beautiful traditional applique for quilts, home decorating and garments.

Floriani Part Number: FAW-HALF

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Floriani Appli-Kay Wonder Tape is a specialized webbing material which is fusible on one side and sticky on the other! Use for traditional or machine embroidered appliqué to hold pieces in place while you stitch without gummy needles! Enjoy the soft and flexible texture of Appli-Kay Wonder when layering pieces. The pressure sensitive side makes positioning small detailed pieces a snap! Also use to hold free standing embroideries or patches in place while you stitch. Tape size rolls are ideal for holding decorative ribbons or trims in place while you stitch, paper crafting or use for flawless quilt binding!

Trace your shape onto the protective release paper side of Appli Kay Wonder. Fuse the soft side of the product to the wrong side of the fabric or item to be appliquéd. Cut out the shape and peel back the release paper, this exposes the sticky side. Position the applique as many times as you need and then press in to place for a permanent bond. Finish with a satin or decorative machine stitch.

Fusible on one side and sticky on the other! Ideal for adhering ribbons and trims to scrapbook pages, jeans or home-dec items. Use to create flawless fold over items or quilt binding! Convenient 1/4″, 1/2″, and 1″ strips hold items in place during stitching and prevents stretching. The Repositionable adhesive makes positioning small-detailed pieces a snap! Comes in a 9 yard roll.

Product Features:

  • Repositionable adhesive tape
  • Made of specialized webbing material
  • One side of tape is fusible
  • One side of tape is sticky
  • Helps create flawless fold over or binding
  • Holds items in place during sewing
  • Prevents stretching
  • Ideal for adhering ribbons and trims
  • Doesn’t gum up needles
  • Size – 1/2″ x 9 yds

For Best Results:

  • Most new fabric is treated with heavy sizing, starch, chemicals or
    wax. This treatment can hinder the bond of fusible web. RNK
    recommends pre-washing your fabric to remove any finish or
    starch before fusing – do not use fabric softener.
  • Too much heat applied repeatedly will weaken the adhesive and
    possibly melt it into the fabric. Be sure to use the iron temperature
    recommended in the directions. Some RNK webbing requires a
    LOW iron temperature!
  • To protect your ironing board and iron, place a sheet of parchment
    paper (used for baking) under and on top of the fabric when fusing.
  • If the fusible webbing separates from the release (backing) paper,
    it is still usable. Simply place the webbing on the fabric, put the
    release (backing) paper on top (or parchment paper) and
    fuse into place.

Please Note: Remember that your traced image will be reversed once it is traced onto the paper side of Appli-Kay Wonder®. Make adjustments to the original image to prevent this. Most fabrics are treated with a starch or sizing. Pre-washing your materials prior to using them for applique will remove this treatment from the factory and will allow Appli-Kay Wonder to bond more securely. Test all materials and procedures thoroughly before applying to your finished garment.

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