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Artistic Crystals Class – Houston

Monday, April 10, 2017 – 10:30am – 2:00pm

$30 Per Person
Cash or check only.

Instructor: Erin Schlosser

Come join us for our next Artistic Edge class as we cover everything related to crystals and rhinestones! We’ll cover the basics of doing a rhinestone design in Artistic software, out with different sizes different sizes, some fun design tricks, and so much more!

Supplies Needed:

Artistic Edge Cutter, Edge Power cord, Edge computer connection cord, Laptop with SimpleCut software installed and registered online, Laptop Cord/Charger, Computer Mouse, Low Tack and High Tack Cutting mats, Edge Blade holder and package of blades (you should have 3), Rhinestone Starter Kit or rhinestone template material, transfer material tape, rhinestone brush, rhinestones, and All other accessories that came boxed with your Artistic Edge cutter.


Call (281) 469-5377 ex 1 to reserve your seat today!