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Floriani Dream Weave Ultra Fusible – 30″ x 3 yd

SKU: 108065

Floriani Dream Weave Ultra Fusible – 30″ x 3 yd

Price: $30.99

Adds needed reinforcement to lightweight/delicate materials for stitching large embroidery designs by providing a light layer of support so the stitches will not damage or distort the fabric.

Floriani Part Number: FDWU

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Use Floriani Dream Weave Ultra for adding extra support to light weight or delicate fabrics when stitching dense or large embroidery designs. Floriani Dream Weave Ultra adds a light layer of support so the embroidery stitches will not cause damage or distortion to the fabric. Fuse Dream Weave Ultra into place for an instant increase in thread count without adding bulk or changing the drape of the fabric – and use less stabilizer! Floriani Dream Weave Ultra can also be used as an interlining for dress and suit weight fabrics for apparel.

Another great use for Floriani Dream Weave Ultra is to cover scratchy stitches on the backside of embroidery designs. This is especially nice for baby garments, youth apparel or golf shirts. Because it is a 6 way stretch, Dream Weave Ultra will move with the garment and won’t add unwanted bulk.

Product Features:

  • Great for embroidery on delicate or unstable fabrics
  • Increases thread count of the fabric without adding bulk
  • Protects the fabric from needle sheering or damage
  • Decreases the amount of stabilizer required for the embroidery design
  • Won’t change the face or drape of the fabric
  • Covers back of embroidery designs scratchy stitches

How to Use:

  • Cut a piece at least one inch larger than the embroidery design area
  • Place the fusible side (rough side) to the wrong side of the fabric and
    press using a low temp, dry iron (silk setting)
  • Use a pressing cloth or sheet between the iron and the interfacing
  • Choose the appropriate stabilizer in addition to the Dream Weave Ultra Fusible
  • Embroider your desired design
  • If desired, after the embroidery is complete, fuse one layer of the Dream Weave
    Ultra Fusible over the back of the design to keep it from scratching your skin

Please Note: It is essential to remember that Floriani Dream Weave Ultra is not a stabilizer. It is a crucial step in prepping delicate fabrics for embroidery. It is necessary to use a pressing cloth or sheet between the iron and the interfacing.